Poly Tanks

Ultratainer® IBC

Unique cylindrical tank design eliminates corners, ribs and seams and lends itself well to mixing and cleaning operations. Each tank is designed for easy, safe handling and has forklift and stacking capability.


  • UN/DOT Certified (31H1)
  • 1.9 specific gravity
  • Four way forklift access
  • ½" wall thickness HDPE Linear
  • 2" bungs, one in tank top and one in tank lid
  • 2" standard port bottom drain ball valve
  • 6 ½" screw cap with security tether
  • All plastic vacuum vent
  • Molded-in and inked gallon markers
  • Stackable three high


  • Tamper evident capability
  • Retractable top lifting assembly
  • EPDM or Viton gaskets
  • Heavy weight (62 PSIG) option available
Capacity Base Height Tare Weight Specs
220 Gallon 46" x 46" 54" 268 lbs
275 Gallon 46" x 46" 62" 289 lbs
330 Gallon 46" x 46" 70" 309 lbs
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